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"Oscars of Marketing"
- Vegas Inc.

"Congratulations on the Indian Power Brands initiative... Welcome to London for this important event... and to India Rising."

- Mr. David Cameron

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom

"Power Brands Event is establishing the reputation of India and it is my honor to be your guest and join in your celebrations... we in the UAE certainly admire your accomplishments"

- His Highness Sheikh Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan

Minister of Higher Education, UAE

Power Brands is a by invitation only project. Your brand gets eligible for the invite only after a most comprehensive research conducted by the Indian Council of Market Research, finds you as one of India’s most recognizable brands of Indian origin. The yearly research includes only 683 of the leading brands of India categorized into 47 industry segments.

Power Brands, thus is a distinctive enterprise, a mega celebration of achievement, highlighting the success of brands and the individuals behind them. A daylong mélange, it witnesses the salutation of Indian brands, inspirational leaders and the next generation entrepreneurs, who have shaped and continue to shape the contours of branding across the globe.

During the power packed day, our signature compilations viz. Indian Power Brands; Power Brand Trendsetters; Power Brand Rising Stars get unveiled under the umbrella of Power Brands among the attendance of global crème-de-la-crème of from around the world and India including - Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Investors, CEOs, Politicians, Socialists, Media Giants, Sports and Film personalities, et al.

Though a very corporate ceremony, various individual brand owners who have made a mark in the corporate world and various individuals from different walks of life who are Power Brands by themselves, are felicitated in the ceremony each year and inducted into the Power Brands Hall of Fame.

It may be noted again, an invite to participate in Power Brands project in the Indian Power Brands Section is only for the companies who annually make it to the 4Ps Business and Marketing Magazine's listing of India's Most Recognizable Brands.

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Why being a part of “Power Brands ” is a great brand-strengthening proposition:

  • Power Brands is a status offered only to the most powerful brands in their respective areas of operation based upon a nationwide extremely
       comprehensive research. Companies that have carved a niche' for themselves in their respective industries through repeatedly out shining their
       competitors elevate themselves to being given the status of Power Brands.
  • Being Consumer and Industry validated, getting the Power Brands status has been found to be a great brand strengthening tool, since, the selection
       process is completely transparent and participants clearly know that no other company other than the ones who have been already declared as
       India's Most Recognizable Brands, will be offered this status.
  • Apart from contributing to a better positioning of the brand in the competitive market place it has also been acknowledged by consumers and
       suppliers as a driver of faith in the product. Therefore past participants have used the prestigious logo of Indian Power Brands in all their marketing
       collaterals, websites and advertising campaigns to strengthen the faith.
  • The Power Brands Compendium is also a salutation to the grit and determination of meritorious leaders for having created a dominating space for
       their reputed brands in the industry.
  • A designing marvel that features the most powerful and biggest companies of India that have the potential to be the Power Brands.
  • A platform that empowers Power Brands on a global platform and gives a high level networking opportunity to brand custodians.
  • Establishes a company’s identity both domestically & internationally by virtue of being featured and in turn garner a strong sense/ level of Brand
  • Establishes a sense of identity and pride in being featured along with other companies that are defining the future of India.

Sponsorship possibilities range from a min of Rs.10 lac as a basic event partner with high voltage visibility to Rs. 50 lac per event for presenting partner rights to Rs. 5cr for an annual 6 event title partner right. Detailed sponsorship proposals can be sent to you upon request.

The dates, venue, etc are tentative and subject to change, under certain circumstances.
For further details , please send in an email immediately from your official email address to

Power brands
Power brands
Power brands
Power brands
Power brands
Power brands
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